Frequently Asked Questions

What is my word limit and how does it work?

The word limit is the currency of Bypaiss. 1 word equates to Bypaissing 1 word of your input article (not the rewritten version) eg. 1 500 word article with a Bypaissed word count of 700 will mean 500 words are deducted from your account word balance.

Does my word balance expire and if so how long before it does?

One time word balance purchases do not expire. If you are on a recurring package, words will expire 60 days after they are credited.

Why do they expire?

To encourage usage of the application and also as a safeguard to protect other users. Bypaiss is a very demanding system to run and as such we only have a limited capacity, a single user saving their word balance for months on end then using all at once could impact other users experience.

Could you explain OTO 1?

Bypaiss is a balance based system, so here you will be able to lock in your monthly word credits for $1 at the launch discount. The additional word topups aren't applied to your account until after the trial period and the first subscription payment is paid.

I ordered upgrades but don't see them in my account

Upgrades are automatically applied to your account based on the payment email address used, you see details about your current user level and addons on the profile page . If you purchased an upgrade with a different address then please contact support so we can manually apply it to your account.